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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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opening game all year. today stowe's doctor says that stowe remains in the hospital and that it is possible he may have suffered some type of brain damage. the doctor also said, quote it is going to be a long recovery process. stowe was attacked march 31st as he left dodger stadium. today bryan's family made an appeal to whoever attacked him during that game. >> i hope some where deep in their heart or their friends or whoever knows who did this at least they would have courage to come forward and admit what they've done. come guard, have the courage to face the facts. stowe's family said he was nervous even before leaving the game. texting h his cousins during the game saying that he was scaring -- texting his cousins during the game saying that he was scared. los angeles police will looking for two suspects. here in the bay area there's been a outpouring of support for bryan st, we in towe where
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there has been a number of fundraisers to help his family. >> reporter: stowe is a regular customer at this pizza my heart restaurant. 30% of any order here if they mention his name will go to the stowe family. they've had to resupply because they've been so busy. this is happening at the restaurant's 19 locations right now. >> reporter: the support through many slices has been pouring in. >> i don't know him. i just feel like it should have never been done. >> reporter: from strangers to coworkers, the story of this 42- year-old santa cruz father seen here with his two children at a giant's game has struck a cord. >> almost every major hospital in the area has ordered delivery from us because they all know him which is really
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cool. >> reporter: fire engines lined up at this pizza parlor where the line was out the door. >> i was heartbroken. i can relate. he's got to kids. i have two kids, and that's the first thing i thought about. >> reporter: he's now working in stowe's unit and sitting where bryan would have been sitting. >> i tell the folk, i'm just keeping his seat warm until he comes back. >> reporter: even the mounting team showed up. >> i think everybody should feel like they could go to an event like that and not be threatened or feel fear. we're here to support him. >> reporter: you must specifically mention you want to donate for the bryan stowe. we got a call at the pacific
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and the owner was at the game. he's now offering to the reward. bringings it to about $110,000. he's hoping that will grow even more: we're going to tell you what mar is allowing its workers to do this week only in honor of bryan stowe. maureen naylor. the owner of that pizza my heart restaurant told ktvu toáeld he was at that -- today he was at that same dodger game where stowe was attacked. he wore a giant shirt in the game. and inside there was good razzing for the fans but outside the mood changed. >> there was profanity and things like that. >> reporter: and we just spoke with a representative of the los angeles dodgers who told us the team is planning a giant fund raising event with amr in los angeles for bryan stowe.
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the los angeles city council voted to donate for the reward fund for information to stowe's attacker. that reward in the case has gone way up. also there is a new website now that is out where you can get information on how to donate money to help bryan stowe. now here is the website. it is it allows people to donate directly to a fund. and we will continue our coverage of the fan attacked bryan stowe here on ktvu as well as on our website. for the latest developments to find where to make donations for bryan stowe's recovery fund you can log on to that is our website. you just click on the bay area's news tab. the judge of the barry bonds perjury trial dealt a prosecution a blow today. it involved that secret audio
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recording we told you about yesterday. rita williams is following this case, she is live in san francisco where unlike yesterday, jurors today were in the courtroom. right rita. >> that's right gasia. the juror who called in sick yesterday was back here today. he and other jurors heard the prosecutions last witness against barry bonds. dr.don catlin one of the country's best known anti doping scientist. he says that bonds tested positive. >> put it under the tongue and push it out. you've administered the clear. >> reporter: in bonds' 2003 grand jury testimony read the jurors today, bonds admits taking what he thought was
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flaxseed oil. and an arthritis cream that his trainer and childhood friend greg anderson gave him and he used in the locker room in front of everybody he says. but bonds denies knowing that they are steroids or steroid like. if they're steroids, it didn't working. i wouldn't hide anything. i would doubt he would do anything to hurt me. and hoskins said he secretly recorded a conversation. about bonds' alleged steroids use. the judge said the tape was barely intelligible. clearly a blow to the prosecution. now prosecutors took 2.5 weeks to present their case to try to convict barry bonds. the defense says they need just one day for its witnesses, tomorrow.
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reporting live in san francisco. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. another key trial in the bay area in the chauncy bailey trial. and the leader of the now defunked bakery. already some people say they are having doubts. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live now live at that meeting. >> reporter: that hearing just got under way here at the san bruno senior center right here in san bruno. many wonder why not. to art vasquez who lost his
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home, a meeting seven months later rings hollow. >> it's a well meaning thing to get the sense of what people think. but i don't think the residents know how they can do the job properly. >> reporter: there's doubt on what could be established today other than pr value for the cpuc. >> i think it's just something they are doing to make it look like they are trying to get the people's input. but i really think they can this pretty well figured out from the federal investigation. >> reporter: one woman who works in san bruno but lives in antioch simply wants the cpuc to do its job. >> it's important that companies are held to standards and they have to be able to enforce those and that means that they have to be responsible for monitoring has to do their job. >> reporter: at the explosion side this excavator is the a symbol of the rebirth of the
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san bruno community. it's full of symbols, symbols of loss, of faith, and that life as it is goes on. but this will be the long lasting symbol on the mind of every person here tonight. >> i think i've had pg & e out four times because i thought i smelled gas: because it is a concern. i don't want to blow up with my house and come home and not have one. >> reporter: i'm going right back inside and at 6:00 we're going to show you what's happening inside and precisely what's being said. more on that at 10:00. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. also today a state committee approved a bill. state senator yee authored the bill it would require pg & e and other utilities to install atmatic or remotely controlled valves or cross an active seismic fault. yee said that if the
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legislation had been in place when the san bruno disaster hit, lives could have been saved. the bill now goes to the senate appropriation thes committee for approval. and we are constantly updating, we will do so as the meeting goes on. officials took a close look at the roof section that blew out of a southwest plane as they began their investigation into last week's frightening incident. >> it's not something that's common. this is not the way that we would like to see aircraft perform. >> at the national transportation safety board lab in washington, officials displayed the broken pieces of that plane. flight 812 was headed from phoenix to sacramento last friday when the fuselage suddenly ripped open forcing an emergency landing. >> this section was the
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ruptured section and this about 4-foot section was adjacent to the ruptured section. and both were removed. this resulting hole in the fuselage that was created was about 5 feet by 1 foot. >> mean while today southwest airlines announced it had completed all the faa required inspections and had resumed its air schedule. five planes will stay out of service until repairs are completed. other airlines say they already have completedly inspections. a southwest plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing at oakland international airport today. soon after take offer, a warning light came off indicating a problem with the wind flaps. the problem turned the plane around and landed safely back in oakland: mechanics replaced
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a faulty senator -- sensor. a federal judge has thrown out a verdict against apple. last year a federal jury ordered apple to pay more than $625 million in damages for violating patents held by technology company mirror. a federal judge in texas upheld the patents from mirror world but ordered that apple did not infringe upon them with its products. diamonds foods is buying pringles for $1.5 billion. proctor and gamble says pringles just doesn't fit in with the rest of its portfolios. sales of diamond foods rose to just over $61 a share. it was a mixed trading day on wall street.
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the nasdaq finished this day higher while the dow lost steam during trading. at the closing bell, the dow was down on the fear that the feds may raise taxes. there is a budget battle going on at the capital. and julie brown was joking about it today. we'll tell you what he said and what is actually happening. a cloudier cooler day over the bay area and tonight we are tracking a colder winter storm. we'll bring you the very latest and show you when you can expect it to come to your doorstep coming up.
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more developments today including the governor's plans to hit the road as of this weekend.
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how republicans used a report card today to get the word across. ken wayne has the story and the grades were not good. >> reporter: it's their take on their budget negotiations with governor brown which governor brown put a stop to. governor brown says he will take his budget to the people. brown arrived to speak to a crowd about the budget. >> we don't know how we're going to get that 13.3 billion. that's one of the little problems i have to deal with. >> reporter: brown told reporters that after failing the in talks with republicans he will tour california to lay out the options for voters. >> look forward at our tax extensions, no smoke mirrors, no gimmicks. >> another 13.5 billion must be
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cut, much of that will come from higher education including csu. >> but consequences would be devastating. we would probably turn away 40 to 50,000 students. >> we estimate that we will be having to turn away 500,000 students if we have to take a 10% cut. governor brown and democrats are counting on dramatic numbers like that to try to convince voters to extend taxes instead of cutting more. what remains unclear is how governor brown will get those taxes on the ballot or when he might do that. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. congress is working late to try to hammer out a government agreement before government shutsdown. obama says politics must not
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get in the way of the recovery of economickics. >> at a time when the economy is just beginning to grow, when we're just starting to see pick up in employment. the last thing we need is a disruption that's caused by a government shutdown. >> obama asked for at the least an extension. but congress is getting ready to close up shop. in antioch, police say an apparent gang related shooting has left a young man critical injured. it also sent stray bullets to the bedroom of a 9-year-old boy. the shooting happened on sycamore drive. his mother who did not want to show her face talked about just how frightening it all was. >> i'm very thankful that he was having dinner and actually,
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i didn't take him in the room when the bullets went through. >> reporter: the 19-year-old shooting victim will likely be paralyzed. police are still looking for a suspect. there was a 3.5 earthquake this morning. the quake was centered in the pacific ocean about 42 miles south of salinas. people in monterey did report feeling some shaking. another beautiful day today, but bill is off, rosemary orosco is filling in. looks like some changes are under way. >> seeing some changes this afternoon, and bigger dramatic changes expected by thursday. outside our door right now mostly cloudy skies across the area. and a lot cooler than yesterday by 10, 15, even 20 degrees in some cases. take a look at that livermore, 63 degrees. hayward almost 20-degree difference right now sitting at 60 degrees. 65 in san jose. mostly sunny for san jose most
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of the afternoon. but now turning partly cloudy as well. and areas to the north of us. santa rosa not bad. a mild day. sitting at 72 degrees. napa 65 and a nice change there. so not too bad. we are still mild, we are still well, seasonal for this time of year. but again a big cool down from yesterday with a pretty strong breeze in some cases. take a look at the westerly wind. san francisco reporting 25 miles per hour. oakland reporting 16. nine in concord. 21 in san jose. the gusts have picked up as well any where between five to 10 miles per hour. hayward reporting redwood city reporting gusts as well. if i pull this back just a little bit. you can see the clearly defined line. this line moving through bringing those changes. we are looking at bigger changes as we look into the next couple of days. here the front is going to continue to pass off. as it does we will end it with clear skies.
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but behind it. the gulf of alaska, we have a system passing on. it's going to eventually bring us some rain. it's going to drive our temperatures even farther down. here we are picking it up at 5:00 in the afternoon. by the evening hours we begin to clear out. tomorrow morning we're going to be breezy. we're going to be chillier than what we've seen. wednesday will be mostly clear. we will continue with the winds. they could even be blustery at times. here it comes the rain expected for thursday. we'll tell you what you can expect for that thursday storm coming up in just a few moments. for tonight, expect clearing, expect cooler conditions as we roll into tomorrow morning. wednesday will be a little breezy. even cooler and scattered showers in the forecast for thursday. snow levels expected to drop down about 2,500 feet. and we may struggle to get into the 50s. comes up in a few moments we will look at those lows and what you can expect for tomorrow afternoon. and we'll pinpoint that storm coming up. there was a brief scare on
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board the international space station today. a small piece of space junk was drifting dangerly close to the complex. the debris was from a chinese satellite blown up about five years ago. but today nasa control gave the crew an all clear. tonight another russian spaceship is on the way to the international space station. the tma21 gagaran is named for yurin gagaran who made the first manned space trip. new information is coming into our newsroom here in just the past hour about the nuclear reactor in japan. what's happening now with that radio active water that was rushing out into the sea. and here is what happened in japan, but they did get a warning, now seismologists have a plan to build a warning system here what they say they
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could build. also incredible video of a car slamming right into a man and a store. we're going to show you more about this and also tell you what happened to that person that was hit. new at 6:00, bay area police officers accused of arming teenagers. sending them into dangerous neighborhoods and even setting them up. >> if somebody is -- that's horrible. what the teenagers just revealed to us about the stunning allegations. then the state wants local cash strapped counties to house and pay for prisoned inmates. we're trying to find out if that could mean higher taxes for you and inmates getting an earlier release.
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we're getting this incredible video. it shows a man getting clipped
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bid a car. it happened in florida, the man who got hit just got up and walked away with a few bruises. seismologists announced that they will be developing a warning system like the one in japan. the u.s. geological service has developed a prototype similar to the one in japan. it involves a series of seismic senators that could give people any where from a few seconds to a few minutes warning before a quake hits. officials estimate it would take $5 million over five years to get the system up and running in california. but they warn because of the state and federal budget stalemate funding could run out in july and bring the program to a halt. just in the past hour here
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good news coming from japan. japanese officials now say highly radio active water has stopped spewing into the ocean. japan set its first radiation standard for fish after reports that radio active contamination in the water near the plant. searching for the real mona lisa. researchers will dig up bones to try and identify the remains of the woman long believed to be the model for the mona lisa. it is a mystery that has puzzled almost everyone for centuries. the digging is to begin later
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this month. we spoke with a passenger and took safety concerns to nummi. that's next. and did a confessed killer act alone or was he acting under orders. cross-examination in the chauncy bailey murder trial.
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the door on this nummi train is wide open. passengers are looking baffled but they are calm. today we took passengers safety concerns right to muni. muni is saying what we just
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showed you is all wrong. david stevenson has the story. >> reporter: passengers on board that train are now speaking out. video taken friday night and posted on you tube show riders ignoring a wide open door as the train roaring from van nuys station. >> people were pretty relaxed. it was really surprising because i thought that the train couldn't move when one of the doors were open. but apparently they can. >> reporter: supervisor scott winer is the bearded passenger seen on the foreground. >> the operator got made an announcement pretty soon after we got into the tunnel that he was aware that the door was open. that people should stay away from the door. >> it appears the proper procedures were not followed. >> reporter: nummi officials this afternoon told us that before the train left, the driver detected that the door
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hasn't automatically shut and took attempts to close it. >> and when we have an issue with one door, to take a two car train out of service at rush hour. >> reporter: but the train should have never left the station because the driver didn't use the special pin to secure the door shut. the train's operator joined that division last september after ten years as a muni bus driver. he is now under investigation and suspended from duty. >> we're very fortunate that no one got hurt in this particular incident. >> reporter: supervisor winer told us he didn't pull the train's emergency break because of fears the sudden jerk would have injured passengers. >> also in san francisco, a nummi train collided with a car today sending a woman to the
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hospital. it happened this morning. munni officials say the a woman suffered injuries. >> i have seen at least two or three accidents. and then somebody was just saying that it happened last month. >> muni ran bus shuttles from 22nd avenue to ocean beach until is also was restored about 45 minutes later. the accident is still under investigation. in the chauncy bailey murder trial, the defense got -- >> reporter: some dramatic moments here in alameda county superior court.
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>> reporter: broussard has confessed to killing bailey and another woman. but he says he was following orders from yusuf bey iv. >> when he starts describing other people's involvement and the details of it, it all of a sudden getting very inconsistent and very hazy. >> reporter: broussard testified that when he had such conversations with bey nobody else was around. >> he basically makes up these stories to some extent. well see i told your client to do this alone. there's no way of verifying that. >> reporter: broussard testified that bey wanted roberson killed out of
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retaliation. and broussard testified they ordered him to kill bailey because of embarrassing reports he was writing about the bakery. the defense attorney asked broussard if he was getting back at him now. broussard looked at bey and said, yeah. testimony resumes thursday. a supervisor introduced a charter amendment today that would provide the supervisors the power to amend or appeal certain ordnances. currently all changes to an ordnance requires additional approval by voters in a balance measure. >> this is a small first step in allowing the board to do its job. >> reporter: if approved by the board of supervisors, weiner's
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measure would appear on this ballot. the hearing comes one day after the justice department announced the trials would be held at guantanamo bay. they heard criticism. he says the 911 families have been denied justice for two years while the justice department pushed for trials in the united states. >> america has not demonstrated the political will or the moral courage to have already brought confessed perpetrators of this act to justice. it's shameful, it's disappointing, it hurts. >> reporter: a trial dade for the five defendants has not been set. airline prices have been going up. in a moment, the move from one airline that has changed that at least for now. what oakland police officers are doing to help them get ready for their next encounter with a wild animal or a family pet. changes are in the works on top of city hall in the south
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bay. what's happening with those birds and how you can watch it unfold, next. ñsxóxgñ
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eight eggs belonging to clara have hatched. the gender of the chicks will not be known for a few weeks.
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clara has one more egg which is expected to hatch in the next few days. you can see more web video of the falcons by going to you can click on the bay area tab right on the front of our home page. the east bay spca developed a program to educate patrol officers about animal behavior and their options for controlling animals without shooting them. the recent shootings of a pet dog and a deer prompted the training. an important part of the training has to do with how calls are dispatched. >> if we can get the dispatcher ask if there's a pet up front. that will help reduce injures
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on officers and shootings. and airline fares keep climbing. analysts say that many u.s. carriers have rolled back on competing. airlines have raised base prices several times this year as they struggle with higher fuel cost. the u.s. agriculture department hopes to reduce meat recalls. meat plants would have to wait until government testing results are known before meat and poultry could be shipped to stores. government inspectors go to all meat plants to check for e.coli. 44 recalls in recent years could have been prevented if this proposed rule would be in place. are you spending too many days at the office burning the candle at both ends. working too hard is hazardous to your heart. researchers at university college in london studied civil
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servants. they found those who worked longer days were more likely to develop heart disease. mostly grey skies and poor conditions outside our doors this afternoon. still to come, a taste of winter, when we expect that storm to arrive coming up. new at six 6:00, bay area police officers accused of arming teenagers. sending them into violent neighbors and even setting them up. >> that's horrible. >> reporter: what the teenagers just revealed to us about the stunning allegations. and the state has local crash strapped counties to pay for housed inmates. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 complete bay area news coverage.
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president obama is coming to the bay area later this
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month and we know how he'll be spending part of his time here. at facebook. the session will include facebook's ceo mark zuckeburg. and tonight marks a crucial time line. although the government runs out of money on friday, lawmakers run out of time to pass the bill tonight. washington is prepared for a government shutdown. >> reporter: under new rules passed by the u.s. house no bill can come to a vote until lawmakers have three days to read it. for the budget this means a deal must be reached tonight on the government shuts down on midnight friday. so president obama attempted a political hail mary today inviting house speaker john boehner to the democrat house spending bill table. >> nobody gets 100% of what they want. and we have more than met the republicans half way at this point. >> reporter: republicans made
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it clear they are holding out for the largest spending cuts possible. so they offered a stopgap measure to keep government running for another week while funding the military for the rest of the fiscal year. it also cuts spending by $12 million. >> we have no interest in the government shutting down. but we are interested in cutting spending. but preparations for a shut down have already begun. we got our hands on the shut down manual republican leaders are passing out. the lawmakers in charge defended it as a how to guide in a worse case scenario. >> this is not a suggestion that in any way we're hoping or planning to have a shutdown of the government. it is the prudent thing to do. >> reporter: the bottom line, without a final budget deal tonight, the next move is to pass a temporary extension. the earliest a vote can happen on that is thursday. if that doesn't pass, we're headed for a shutdown. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. if a deal isn't reached by
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friday. the pentagon said service members combat troops in iraq and after afghanistan may not be paid on time. department leaders haven't figured out how pay is affective. congressional leaders are hoping to create an appropriation bill. at 6:00, richmond police officers accused of recruiting and arming teenagers to patrol the city's most dangerous spots. we speak to the two young men about what happened when they complained about their hazardous duty. the burden local law enforcement officers say they can't bear everyone if there are empty cells in their jails. those stories and much more coming up at 6:00. the sb codiac settled on
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the ocean floor. the owner will determine if it's still salvageable. the codiac is one of 16 if boats sunk. and visitors to yosemite park are in for a big treat. yosemite falls is the tallest in north america and will likely be the park's main attraction. but there are plenty of other water falls in the park and elsewhere in the california that will also be benefits from all that melting snow. i hope you are getting the most of this sunshine. because according to our meteorologist rosmary orosco that's about to change. >> temperatures a lot cooler than what we saw yesterday. we saw 78 in santa rosa. that is 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. but the rest of us a bigger drop. any where from 10 to 15 degrees. widespread 60s out there for
5:49 pm
today. even areas like hayward checking in right about 64 for this afternoon. that's a lot cooler than what we saw. seasonal temperatures for this time of year but we were so warm yesterday didn't feel too bad out there today. we are mostly cloudy. those clouds continuing to roll to the south and east. our temperatures in the overnight hours will be cooler. this rain staying to the north and east. a little bit over the sierra. it's a second system now that we are targeting and it is expected to bring us very cool air as well as a few scattered showers. your forecast as we roll through the evening hours by about 9:00, 10:00 we move through. we still have the on shore push. in fact, it's going to increase, so perhaps a little bit of patchy coverage for the coast. but it takes a little while for the clouds to roll back in. temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler but this is when the rain moves in. from the evening hours to the
5:50 pm
north of us still looks like light showers. by thursday 10:00 or so, pretty much drying out. so not a lot of rain with this system but it is going to drive our temperatures down. we're looking at the possibility of low snow levels about 500 feet. which means dusting over mount diablo possible. so again not a lot of rain. mid-50s in the forecast for the afternoon. so it's going to be chilly, it's going to feel like winter all of a sudden. mostly clear. widespread 40s in the forecast. 46 in fremont. 45 in redwood city. a little cooler than what we woke up with this morning. and widespread 60s in the forecast. 64 expected for santa rosa. notably cooler for tomorrow. 63 in redwood city and your extended forecast here. we were really warm yesterday. we saw a pretty big drop today. it's still very mild out there. we'll notice the cool down when you move through the next couple of days and rain
5:51 pm
arriving on thursday. behind it very chilly on friday. rebounding again for the weekend. >> in a span of less than a week. we're seeing a 30-degree temperature change. >> exactly. >> is it unusual would you say? >> it's spring. >> exactly. the six letters were recently acquired by plymouth state university in new hampshire. he wrote the letters between 1915 and 1986. the famous poet was concerned about making ends meet and whether his reputation was enough to get him a decent faculty position. and the top to bottom inspection. plus he's an extreme adventurer with plenty of money
5:52 pm
to chase his dreams. the newest thrill sir richard branson is diving into now.
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5:54 pm
the san francisco zoo was granted accreditation today. it says accreditation mean it is zoos is one of the best in the world because it meets the highest standards. to be accredited, the zoo understood went a review. the national parks service approved the bay view opera
5:55 pm
house for the national register of historic places. the opera house is now the first federal h historic monument in the southeast part of the city. in additional to being a performance venue, it's one of four city owned cultural centers with rental space for groups and education for children. first he took to the skies now he is heading under water. richard branson is taking his company to the sea. >> we're going further down than everest is high. >> reporter: sir richard branson says his latest adventure is a submarine called the atlanta. branson says google and the bbc will help the public follow his submarine travels. >> i think it'll be quite an adventure. and people will literally be able to come down with us and
5:56 pm
see some of these incredible looking species as we head on down to the bottom of the oceans. >> reporter: branson will use it to head to the deepest points in each of the world's five oceans. sir richard branson plans to pilot the oceanic. stay with us, there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. >> two richmond police officers are accused of recruiting teens and giving them guns to work as security guards. i talked to two young men involved in this case and i'll tell you what the police department is doing about all of it.
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the people who survived this are facing off right now with the very regulators who are supposed to protect them. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. julie haener has the night off. in the last hour, the council has been listening to homeowners with concerns over gas lines. tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: cpuc has been under fire for being too friendly to the utilities. now with the victim's allowed to go first, the commissioners are hearing the stories of pain and loss. >> as a person that lost my family, home, pets, everything, all my medals my father re


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